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Colt Grips

1908 25ACP GripsColt Model 1908 Pocket & Vest Pocket Hammerless .25 ACP

1911 - Government - Gold Cup Hole Spacing 3 1/16" 1911 - Colt 1991, Governments, Gold Cups, XSE Series, Combat Elite, Rail Guns, Series 70 & 80, Special Combat Government, CQBP and others

Anaconda, King Cobra, Trooper MKVColt V Frame - Due to variations in frames minor fitting may be required; altered product may not be returned

Colt WoodsmanAt this time we are limited to 2nd Gen where the magazine release is by the trigger guard.

Diamond Back – Detective Special – Cobra – Agent - Short D-Frame Grips

Goverment 380 GripsFor Government 380 and Mustang PLUS; Hole Spacing 2 3/4" Center to Center

Mustang 380 GripsFor Mustangs Models with removable grips with Hole Spacing 2 3/16" Center to Center

Officers & Compact 1911 GripsOfficers, Compact, Defender, New Agent Semi-Autos. 2 11/16" hole spacing Center to Center

Other Colt GripsNew Service, Scout, Frontier Scout, & SSA Scout in .22LR 1903 .32 and .380

Python GripsFor Colt I and E frames, (E-frames may need minor fitting)

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