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Ruger Grips

Blackhawk GripsBlackhawk XR3-RED & new Inter-lock XR

Custom Bisley

MK II GripsFor Mark 2 will not fit 22/45

MK III GripsGrips for MKII & MKIII Will not Fit 22/24 or MKIII without screws in grips

New Vaquero GripsFor XR3 Frames - New Vaquero & Blackhawk "FLATTOPS", 50th Anniversary .357 Blackhawk "Flattop" (2005), and 50th Anniversary .44 "Flattop" (2006). Plow Blades Style Grips;

SP-101 Grips & InsertsSP-101 Inserts and Grips

Single Six GripsSingle Six XR3-RED & new Inter-lock XR

Vaquero GripsVaquero XR3-RED & new Inter-lock XR

Other Ruger GripsGP-100 Inserts, GP100, Red Hawk & 22/45 Grip Panels

Old Army GripsWill only fit RX3-Red Models

Super Blackhawk GripsFor Super Blackhawk & Old Army with Square Trigger Guard

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