S&W J Round FALCONIA® Pink Grip with White Pearl Insert


S&W J Round FALCONIA® Pink Grip with White Pearl Insert The rubber backstrap area is designed for recoil absorption. The textures are a carefully thought out design compromise between gripping stability in the hand and limiting the cloth/rubber abrasion--hangup--in concealed carry.
The inserts serve to provide structure--and texture--for a stable, accurate, revolver shooting platform. The inserts and their varied textures allow for sophisticated customization of the grips.
This model is the first of the FALCONIA® series, and the design fits the performance requirements of a Boot grip on the Smith and Wesson J-Round models very well, especially with more powerful loads.

 Round Butt Models: 30-34, 36-38, 43, 51, 60, 63, 326, 442, 640-651, 940 check the Tech Tip sections to verify your S&W J-Frame