BG Boot Grip - Available for Smith and Wesson Round Butt frames. This finger groove grip has an exposed back strap and is as long as the grip itself. Designed for concealed carry due to the grip being one finger shorter than a standard grip.
CC Cut Checkering - Cut Checkering, Sharp, Crisp, Clean usually 20 lines per inch. At present we offer Colt Government style Classic Panels in fine cut which is 24 lines per inch as well as Course which is15 lines per inch. This resembles a snake style scale look.
CG Combat Grip - Available for Smith & Wesson J frame Round Butt only Slim design with finger grooves
CP Classic Panel - The grip is the same size as the frame, which is exposed in the front and the back of the handgun
Low Pro Low Profile Checkering - This is a laser cut checkering. Smoother than cut checkering but still offers the non-slip grip.
OS/FG Oversized - Finger Grooved This is a modern version of the traditional target grips. The contour of these grips fit the hand and will resists movement between shoots.
OS/TG Oversized - Target Oversized grips without finger grooves.
SL Slim - Thin low profile grip Design for concealed carry, as a rule Slim grips are between 40% & 60% of the original thickness at present they are available Government, Officers and High Powers in limited styles. Colt style grips come with specially designed grip bushing and shortened screw.
UFG Ultima Finger Grooves - Contoured grips as described in section “Ultima Panels” but with finger grooves.
UP Ultima Panel - is particularly comfortable to both Right handed and Left handed shooters. Narrow in the web of your hand and contours out to fill the palm of your hand. This unique design makes the pistol fit comfortable and repeatable in your hand each time you pick it up.
UT Ultima Target - Grips are a available in right hand only. Built with a long pronounced thumb-rest, finger-grooves, and a ledge on the bottom of the right side of the grip that your hand rests on. Ultima Target grips is designed for target shooters using Ruger Mark II, Browning Buckmark, and/or 1911 Government style frames.