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Browning (F.N.) M1900 .32 Reproduction Grip Black B9/1560



Browning (F.N) M1900 .32 Reproduction Replacement Grip Black B9 – 1560 Black Polymer – Hardware Not Included

Using designs shown in 1898 and 1899 prototypes, John Browning designed the 1900 pistol, his first commercially successful pistol. It is from this design that all subsequent blowback operated pistols drew their principles of operation. Original manufacture consisted of three slight variations. By 1912 over a million model 1900s had been produced. This was the beginning of the .32 automatic cartridge, which is called 7.65 Browning throughout the rest of the world. The pistol was sold throughout the world, used by police and military in Belgium, Russia, France, China and elsewhere. The lanyard loop was added after the first 100,000 were produced. Production stopped about 1912. Many imitations were made, especially Chinese. All markings will be similar, but workmanship, especially rifling, will be inferior.

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