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Triple K Reproduction Grips


We Suggest you use a qualified gunsmith to complete all installations, fittings and repairs.

Please remember that altered and/or broken merchandise cannot be returned for refund or exchange.

Most of the items are hand casted and may be sanded, filed, reamed drilled or polished (similar to wood) for proper fitting. Several of the items are injection molded and should be grinded or filed, sanding will not work.

If your item is warped in shipping or if you need a curved piece and the item you have is flat, simply soak in hot tap water for about 60 seconds until pliable, then apply to gun and hold in place until cool. Installation of the escutcheons or screw may also be done while the piece and escutcheons are warm to prevent cracking.

Final Fitting Tip: In some cases, you may want to fit the grips to the frame/back strap. After installing screws and snugging the down, carefully apply a layer or two of blue painters’ tape to the back strap or portion of the frame which need to be adjusted using an area at a time, but repetitively go over all the high areas until flush. once you have completed one grip repeat the process on the other grip. Remove the tape and inspect on the shaved edges. Polish using a small felt buff dampened with plastic polish using a Dremel tool on slow speed.

Make sure grips are at room temp or warmer before installation, broken and/or modified grips are a non-returnable item. some sets require escutcheons on BOTH sided. These can be ordered in the hardware section.