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Browning (F.N.) M1910 Pistol Reproduction Grip Black B40/1824



Browning (F.N.) M1910 Pistol Reproduction Replacement Grip Black B40 – 1824 Black Polymer – Hardware Not Included

Originally known as the “Nouveau Model”, this pistol is now known as the 1910 model. First produced commercially by Fabrique National in Belgium in 1910, the pistol featured a lugged barrel surrounded by a recoil spring, slide safety, grip safety and magazine safety. Extensively copied as the original and modified, especially by the Spanish gun makers. Sold throughout the world commercially, this was also a standard police pistol in Japan, Sweden, Denmark and other countries. There was a service manual in Japanese.The model was first exported commercially to the U.S. in 1954. Importation of a modified model continues today, in .380 caliber only. Exported to Canada in both .32 and .380 calibers.

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