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Clement Model 1903 5mm 3rd Type Reproduction Grip Black C22/1303


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Clement Model 1903 5mm 3rd Type Reproduction Replacement Grip Black C22 – 1303 Dimensions / Sizes for the Clement Model 1903 5mm, 3rd Type Pistol Grips; Measuring right panel (vertical not diagonal) 2 17/32″ long x 1 1/4″ wide; center screw hole Black Polymer – Hardware Not Included

Produced by Charles P. Clement of Liege, Belgium. Later referred to as the 1903 model, it was originally made in 5mm, a cartridge developed in Spain. Later changed to .25 ACP, it was widely distributed in both calibers. Made from 1903-1914, of simple blowback operation, distinguished by a magazine release in the middle of the backstrap. Variations in the frame resulted in different grip styles. The first type has horizontal “C’s”. The second type has vertical “C’s” and large embossed curls. The third type has vertical “C’s” and small embossed curls.

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