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Colt Cobra 2017/ King Cobra 2019 Oversized Grip Rosewood


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Colt Cobra 2017 Oversize Fingergrooved Rosewood

The Colt Cobra 2017 and the Colt D-Frames are NOT interchangeable

These will ONLY fit NEW Colt Cobra made from 2017 to current production.

This newer King Cobra is NOT built on the same grip frame as the older King Cobra “V” frame models. The grips listed in this section will ONLY fit the 2019/2020 Colt King Cobra.

IF your Colt King Cobra 2019/2020 comes stock with RUBBER GRIPS that screw on from the bottom, you will need a GRIP PIN to install Altamont grips.

Click here for older Model Colt D-Frames 1966-1995