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Colt Frontier Single Action Army Jay Scott #26



Colt Frontier Single Action Army Aged Stag-Faux Laminate Backing Or Zebra Wood

Jay Scott #26

The Colt Frontier or Frontier Six-Shooter was a Colt’s 1873 “Model P” type revolver manufactured in .44-40 Winchester caliber. In 45 Colt it was called Single Action Army. So, want does that mean to you regarding the grip? These grips require a pin through the frame allowing the 2-piece panels to be fixed against the frame. Also, frames vary in size so you would be required to fit the grip panels. Mounting screw included. Due to the age and material type, shimming might be required.

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Black, Gray, Green, Red, Antique Pearl -No Backing, Black Pearl, Black Pearl- No Backing, Bonded Ivory, Dark, Ebony, Light, Mahogany, Silverblack, Stag-lite, Stag-Lite No Backing, White Pearl, Zebra Wood