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Colt Single Action Army 1st Gen Reproduction Grip 3557/C25



Colt Single Action Army Early Reproduction Replacement Grip 3557G/C25

Ivory Polymer – Hardware Not Included Use Universal Hardware Kit UHK-1 – See Hardware Section

Measuring the backside of the right grip panel.

3 1/32″ long

2 5/32″ wide @ butt

1 1/16″ horizontal straight edge @ top

29/32″ vertical straight line @ top

1 17/32″ wide across center of screw hole (parallel to butt)

5/8″ from center of pin hole to butt

13/32″ from center of pin hole to front edge of grip

More Information About the Colt Single Action Army Revolver 1st Generation; Early or first-generation model; also known as the “Frontier”, the “Peacemaker”, and the “Model 1873”. This is the revolver of western legend. Made from 1873 – 1942, and then reintroduced in 1955. Made in a wide variety of calibers, variations and finishes.

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