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Glock 22 40S&W 31RD SGMT MGSGMT40G31R


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GLOCK 22 40S&W 31RD SGMT Magazine MGSGMT40G31R
Identical to the original in appearance, function & fit. These magazines are guaranteed to be 100% reliable as original Glock magazines. 31rds of 40 S&W, High-tech polymer body, steel-lined, Hi-performance spring, count windows, DROP FREE, front & side magazine release cuts.
PLEASE NOTE: As with all extended capacity Glock mags, these magazines at first will be hard to load. We advise using a Glock ammo loading tool at first to allow the spring to break-in.
These magazines are made in Korea by a major military NATO approved manufacturer. Allmagazines are guaranteed to be top quality and 100% reliable.