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High Standard Late Models 22LR 10RD 490M


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High Standard Late Models 10RD 490M SPORT KING 1ST MODEL: made from 1951-1954 with a lever takedown and 1954-1958 with a pushbutton takedown. In both 4.5 and 6.75 inch barrel lengths. SPORT KING -LIGHTWEIGHT: made from 1954-1965, differing from the Standard only in that it had an alloy frame, reducing the weight about 9 oz. SPORT KING 2ND MODEL: introduced in 1958 and made until 1984. No visible external changes, all modifications being internal. FIELD KING: made from 1951-1958. Basically the same gun as the Sport King with target sights and a heavier target barrel. SUPERMATIC: made from 1951-1958 in 4.5 and 6.75 inch barrels. Adjustable target sights and adjustable barrel weights. SUPERMATIC TOURNAMENT: made from 1958-1966 in a 5.5 inch bull barrel or 6.75 inch heavy barrel. Adjustable barrel weights. SUPERMATIC CITATION: made in 6.75, 8 and 10 inch barrels, longer barrels tapered with stabilizers and removable weights. Made from 1958-1966. SUPERMATIC TROPHY: modification of the Citation with a 5.5 inch bull barrel or 7.75 inch fluted barrel, with detachable stabilizer and weights. Extremely well made and well finished. Made from 1963-1966. For non Military Made by TripleK