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P-08 Panels Bonded Ivory Checkered Altamont


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The P-08 Parabellum, usually referred to as the German Luger, was a seminal design of the late 19th and early 20th century that has provided a continuing fascination to collectors interested in its function, design, and history. Precisely machined, complex, and expensive, it is an intuitively attractive design that is among the most recognized and desired handguns for collectors today.
Fitting Notes: The grip is secured by slipping a tab under the top of the grip frame. One screw secures the grip to the frame at the bottom of the grip. Over the years – with models and production variations – there are occasional small frame differences between guns that might require fitting. Make sure the grip fits loose on the frame before putting in the screw and securing it to the frame. Don’t use the screw to force the grip in place. It will crack. Use a file – gently – to fit protruding areas to the frame. Call if you need help.