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S&W N Frame Square Butt Panel Grip Jay Scott 21



With conventional revolvers of the era (1920-1930) not able to penetrate automobiles of the bootleggers there was a perceived problem from law enforcement leading S&W to create the large frame revolver. 1930 the outdoorsman was produced in .38/44 and later in 44 Special (models 20 and 23) these were discontinued in 1966. This Heavy-duty triple lock frame is still in use today in other models 27, 28, in .357 magnum; 58 in41 magnum; 29, 629 in 44 magnum and a host of others. These are Magna Style Grips. Mounting screw included. Due to the age and material type, shimming might be required.

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Black, Gray, Green, Red, Antique Pearl -No Backing, Black Pearl, Bonded Ivory, Ebony, Mahogany, Stag-lite, White Pearl, Zebra Wood