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General Procedures for Fitting Grips

The general procedures for fitting grips are:

  1. First, make sure the handgun is unloaded and safe to work on.
  2. Put the grips on with your hands, pressing them flush to the frame. NEVER USE THE GRIP SCREW TO FORCE THE GRIPS ONTO THE GRIP FRAME PIN. If you cannot press the grips over the grip frame pin, open the edge of the pinhole with a knife then push the grips on by hand until they are flush with the frame.
  3. Tighten the grip screw until it is snug. By over-tightening, the grip screw or by trying to force the grips together by the screw will cause the escutcheon to break through the grip.
  4. After the grip is snug to the frame operate the unloaded firearm making sure there is no interference in the operation of the handgun. If the grip does not fit flush against the frame because of hanging up on the frame pin bevel the hole in the grip to allow the pin to start and press the grips together, then snug up the grip screw.